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Beechdown Health Club, Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK

Active players: 13


Magnet Leisure, Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK

Active players: 88


Fitness First Monument, London, UK

Active players: 85

For players:

The life of squash leagues.net began with the desire to make playing in leagues easier.

We are players ourselves, and always wished someone would publish the leagues and contact details online, so we could arrange games easier, and check on our results whenever we liked.

Then we decided to stop waiting and just do it ourselves! This is the result. Users can see the leagues, view contact details, edit their own details, and enter scores - all online. No more scribbling numbers on scraps of paper!

For clubs:

As we worked on adding all the features to make the life of a squash league player easier, we began to realise just how much work was involved in running a squash league.

So we added in admin functions to make league management easier too.

Admins can add and remove players, adjust the league rules (scoring, division size etc), edit all scores at once, and end a league season and generate the new league with just a single click!


We believe the benefits of using squash leagues.net are two fold. Firstly; life is much easier for the players - games are easier to arrange, results easier to record and you can see the league anytime.

Secondly; the club will also benefit greatly - vastly reduced management overhead, more games played, happier players(!), professional online presence etc.

If you represent a club and would like to know more, or have us provide a full demonstration, check the Clubs link above. If you are a player and would like to recommend us to your club, check the Referrals link.

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